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However, despite these differences, the two managed to work efficiently and productively throughout Ramanujan’s stay in Europe, producing 21 papers in the four years.

During these last few years, Ramanujan’s genius finally began to be realised, with the mathematician being awarded the BA Degree for Research from Cambridge University in 1916 and a Fellow of the Royal Society in February 1918.

The same thing happened the next year at another college.In early 1913 Ramanujan began writing to English mathematicians in order to share his theorems and research. While some had already been discovered and there were some errors, many theorems had never before been identified.While initially thought to be fraudulent again, Hardy was soon won over and requested Ramanujan travel to England in order to continue research.Determined to continue in his pursuit of mathematical discovery, he dropped out again in order to study independently.This was a local minimum for Ramanujan, as during this period he lived in extreme poverty.

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In 1898 Ramanujan attended Town Higher Secondary School, where a true fascination in mathematics first began to form.

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