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In this article, I'll explain the format and syntax rules for UK postcodes, and show you some SQL Server code for parsing and validating them.When it comes to validation, you can't simply check a postcode against a lookup table.That won't tell you if the code actually exists, but it will flag up any codes that are not in the correct format. It usually consists of one or two letters, followed by one or two digits.A UK postcode is a string of either six, seven or eight characters (Figure 1). The letters represent the postcode area, of which there are 124.By James on 5th April 2017 IS there anywhere that provides mapping for historic/discontinued postcodes to their replacement? By Free Map Tools on 24th March 2017 Is this completely free of charge ?

But it contains over 27 million records, and is subject to strict licensing and copyright controls.

British postcodes do much more than speed the mail.

They play a vital role in many applications, especially in fields such as mapping, transportation, marketing and statistics.

Includes all Postcode Districts of UK with places and postal towns and county and regions plus latitude/longitude. Useful for distance between postcodes calculations and postcode radius searches (free scripts: 'show all Postcodes within x miles') or address validation, verification or standardization.

Download a list of UK out code postcodes with their latitude and longitude coordinates.

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is there any that includes door number and street name for all postcodes By Mark on 18th January 2017 Hi Oliver, there are no limitations apart from the attributions : Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2016 Contains Royal Mail data Royal Mail copyright and database right 2016 Contains National Statistics data Crown copyright and database right 2016 By Free Map Tools on 29th September 2016 Showing the most recent 20 out of 217 comments.

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