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This exception only applies within a 10-mile-per-hour (16 km/h) threshold.

As long as the speed does not exceed 65 miles per hour (105 km/h), the infraction is not recorded as a traffic violation for the purposes of a point system.

The theory behind California's 85th percentile statute is that, as a policy, most of the electorate should be seen as lawful, and limits must be practical to enforce.

However, there are some circumstances where motorists do not tend to process all the risks involved, and as a mass choose a poor 85th percentile speed.

States may also set special speed limits for trucks and night travel along with minimum speed limits.

In June 2015, the Arkansas Highway Commission authorized the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) to raise the speed limit on undivided 4 and 5 lane roads from 55 to 60 mph (89 to 97 km/h) while divided 4 lane roads are set to go from 55 to 65 mph (89 to 105 km/h), these changes affect 285 miles (459 km) of Arkansas highways.

Furthermore, AHTD has established freeway default speed limits.

The school zone speed limit is 15 miles per hour (24 km/h), while some may be 25 to 35 miles per hour (40 to 56 km/h).

Exceeding these limits only in the best of driving conditions is considered prima facie evidence of speeding. The maximum speed limit on Interstate Highways is 75 miles per hour (121 km/h).

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