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Despite what you grew up thinking, your prince charming isn't going to ride in on his white horse and whisk you away.

And men, don't expect to stumble across a Louboutin that's going to lead your to your princess.

If you are a man who enjoys dates with women, then getting paid to accompany women on dinner dates, vacations, sporting events, the theatre, and business meetings, as well as more intimate activities, and getting paid to do so, may very well be your dream come true, potentially affording you a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams, paying you for having fun, and its inherently flexible schedule makes it perfect as a supplemental income that you can partake in while still maintaining the other obligations in your life.

Go out and have a good time like you used to — eat, drink and be merry! Any modern man worth his weight in gold knows how sexy a strong, independent woman who can hold her own is.

Likewise, men, women like being catered to occasionally.

Get in the kitchen and whip up a romantic at-home dinner for your woman.

This is a great site if you are a Gigolo and want to gain access to a huge client list.

I've never been so busy before and I owe it all to Hire Me4Sex Joining Hire Me4Sex is as easy as clicking a button and filling out a profile. As discretion and privacy are of utmost concern in the male escort trade, no one but registered members can see your profile.

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