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I thank him and all the people at Cedars emergency and Dr. Radar: Can you imagine Fran ever “marrying” you — that is, officiating your marriage, should you tie the knot again?Peter: I’ll worry about that after my third date with someone.PHOTOS: Peter Marc Jacobson & Fran Drescher – Happily Divorced After a long estrangement, a call from Fran’s manager telling him she had cancer changed everything.Over time, they rebuilt their relationship — as friends and now, as co-creators of Happily Divorced, which Jacobson directs.We’re talking to Dan Aykroyd, and hopefully, more surprises as the season progresses.Radar: After season one ended, how did you spend your time off? Radar: Do you and Fran spend a lot of time together in your off-time?

We were 18 and we’re just getting out of high school. And we would analyze them, and she’d shake her head and think, ”Oh, if only they could make a living doing this.” Radar: You were only 21 when you got married — why so young? Peter: After we were involved in a break-in where Fran was raped, and somebody held a gun to my head, and her friend was raped, which was a very traumatic time in our lives. Peter: I was being very honest with her and I said that I didn’t want to act on it. We had a very healthy sex life, so that was never a problem. the marriage could have worked out, but it didn’t, because then, I became like Svengali. If she never wants to speak to me again, that’s OK. I waited by the phone and found out that they got it all and she was OK.

Peter: I took some time off and went to P Town where I’ve been trying to go once a year for the past few years. Peter: Yes, Fran and I actually did spend a lot of time together.

We took a trip to Europe to sell the show abroad at MIPCOM in Cannes, France.

TV Land sent us, “We love them.” And I got to fly on that new double-decker plane which was amazing; it’s like a hotel in the sky.

We sold the show all over the world, which was very exciting and then we took a little trip together to the south of France and London where we met some great people and then flew back to start coming up with stories for season two.

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