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In that scenario, I'm up on a pedestal; there's no room for me to impress them. They don't like me for my witty quips and knowledge of books; they like me for being in a band.(And frankly, when it comes to meaningless sex, I couldn't possibly enjoy myself wondering if they had my band's songs mentally soundtracking our foreplay.) I did kiss a guy who was a big fan of the band once.Taking the plunge and deciding to play music full time is exciting - and terrifying. Will you be able to pay your bills while playing gigs? Of course, if you're ever REALLY going to make it as a musician, this is a step you're going to have to take someday.Some people might get lucky and walk straight from their day job into musical riches, but don't count on it working that way for you.Neko Case recently claimed via Twitter that "Ladies in bands don't get ANY action," and as a female musician with a frustrated libido, I can sympathize.

We want what they have—for they are standing in their brilliance doing what they love. But we sometimes are misguided and think we want the hand in which we see it from. Forget the challenges of coordinating just two schedules—you’ve now got a third, the band’s Google Calendar. They were asked by their agents to be “available but unavailable.” It is often why musicians have the reputation of being charming schmoozer’s. They were branded to be this object, up on a stage.

Part of being a musician is to take your art and throw it as far out into the world as you can. Pay for the pizza.” ~ Someone in Nashville Some of them have day jobs. Let’s not forget that, even broke, most of them can still afford beer, lots and lots of beer. He will still think on some level he’s god draped in leather waiting to be discovered as the next big thing. ***Disclaimer: There are stand up musicians who play in bands and don’t want to fuck their guitars (well only a little), who aren’t broke, who don’t cheat and have no interest in signing boobs.

It was cute when my boyfriend was 17 and jamming in his parents basement, it’s not so cute when you have to cough up gas money for your 30-year-old boyfriend to come visit you.

Although outdated and inauthentic, still to this day some producers and agents give artists slack for not appearing available.

Converse kicks, hats, tattoos, long dangling bullet necklace, big silver rings?

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And with the 350-plus gigs we've played, I've had the potential to connect with many attractive men, at least in theory.

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