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The signatories of the text have called upon the European Commission to create an intra-European dialogue between businesses, civil society and political leaders.

Large companies and the Indonesian government have called for EU import duties on non-sustainable palm oil and the WWF has advocated the involvement of the private sector and more action from Brussels.

The notion that a law could completely shut off access to such apps, he says, is "frankly ridiculous." "They’ll never be able to stop that," Elsayed-Ali said.

In the next five years, the major European players, including Germany, want palm oil production to become 100% sustainable and to see an end to illegal logging. It’s no secret: European companies regularly violate the rights of thousands of people in developing and emerging countries.

To obtain certification, producers must satisfy 160 separate criteria.

In Germany, only around 50% of companies use at least partially certified palm oil.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) recently set out minimum standards for palm oil production.

In regard to deforestation, the Commission has to act and hold companies and governments accountable.

Malmström wants ambitious sustainable development in FTAs EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström welcomed the Amsterdam Declaration and wants to include the deforestation action plan in the Commission’s legislative initiatives.

Whether through the exploitation of tin mines in the Republic of Congo or atrocious working conditions in Bangladeshi textile factories.

Over the next six months, the Dutch government wants to use its presidency of the European Council to apply a “Fairtrade cure” to the global supply chain and to show that it is serious about the new UN development goals.

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